My name is Witek Orski
I am a visual artist based in Warsaw. I conduct philosophical investigations using mechanically and digitally produced images. My art practice can be viewed as a sequence of interconnected projects:

I Would Prefer Not To Talk About This 2019, Holes in the Ground 2017, The Fold 2016, The Real Thing 2015, Encepharer 2014, Stones 2012 accompanied by a number of independent works:

Foundation 2019, Meadow 2018, Galaxy 2018, How to Eat Meringue 2018, No More Tears 2018, Rejuvenation 2017, Untitled (Touch Screen) 2017, A Sad River, in which the Moon Swims 2017, Mirror Sideways 2016, Sommerliebe 2016, Untitled (Desert) 2015, Guns 2014, Cover Your Tracks 2013.
Feel free to contact me, or the gallery I work with. You can also download my portfolio here.